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The Atom

"The Atom is a lightweight, highly efficient bicycle generator and rechargeable battery pack designed to power virtually any of your electronic or mobile devices via USB."
If your teen rides a bike, what could be a more perfect gift?

Image from sivacycle.com/blog

Fair Indigo

Organic and fair trade. Supporting women in the USA and abroad.
Under $30 section. Cute Joobles sets and lula la clothes for babies. Nothing for older kids, but teens will like some of the adult clothes and accessories. Earth friendly men's watches. Vegan leather accessories.

                                                                                             Image from Fair Indigo 

Doctors Foster and Smith pet store

Here we go... you could get something for your dog-owner, cat-owner, fish-owner, bird-owner, ferret-owner, reptile-owner, small-pet owner, or horse owner.
There is an eco-friendly category.                                                   Image from Doctors Foster and Smith

Fate of the World (Computer Game)

This game involves real science and real solutions. Intelligent, scary and thought-provoking.
                                                                                                                                                 Image from Fate of the World

Green Guru

Green Guru Gear sells backpacks, bags, wallets, laptop sleeves, bike accessories, and more. Backpacks only in adult sizes.

The products are made from recycled bike tubes, banners, wetsuits, climbing rope, and PETE recycled plastic bottles.

Image from Green Guru

Gardening With Kids

All sorts of products for gardening with kids, even a special section for products suitable for teens.
From the National Gardening Association, has a health/ community/Earth stewardship intent.

Also- a soil test kit is here at this site.

Image from Growing Ideas Blog, Gardening With Kids

Eco Bags

 For your teen or grad who will be leaving the nest, here is a great idea!

Buy eco shopping bags and then include perhaps:

Recipes of yours for easy, healthy meals (familiar foods stand more chance of being prepared)
Membership to local food co-op
seasonal produce subscription
A few healthy staples or treats. What about dried nori seaweed or some organic chocolates?
Cute fridge magnets
Gift card to someplace they can only buy healthy food

I got this idea from greendeals.org                             Image is from Eco Bags

Acorn Naturalists

Environmental education products. 
All kinds of science and nature crafts, games, and puzzles for kids. Great books. Wonderful puppets. Animal enamel trinket boxes in the
'Gourds and Boxes' section are priceless!
Boxed notecards.

                                           Image from Acorn Naturalists

Swallowtail Farms

 This site is mostly geared towards weddings, but if you are looking for an unforgettable party for someone who enjoys butterflies you must take a look. How does a butterfly release at the climax of the party sound to you?
They also have plantable wildflower paper invitations for baby showers and other parties.  Plantable confetti, too.  There are live butterfly growing kits and other products for kids. I won't mention the beautiful butterfly cookies because you don't want to know about sugar cookies, right?                                                                             Image from Swallowtail Farms

Feel-Better Baskets

Because each child is different, and if ill there will be special needs and things to avoid, it's probably best if you can put together a gift basket yourself. (Keep in mind that some medications can make it difficult to read or focus on a task).

  The following could be included in a basket or other container (many of these would be great gifts in their own right):
 play set with lots of little figures (the eco expedition sets are nice, but not of eco materials as far as I can tell), books, approved-for-patient snacks, stuffed animal,  cute animal slippers, colorful socks, lip balm, activity book, craft supplies or arts and crafts project with companion book, or Spa Comforts  aromatherapy warmth or cooling comfort critters.  What about a little ant farm or a worm farmTravel toys can be appropriate in bed because they are a little easier to handle. Here is an especially nice magnetic toy. (If child is in hospital, make sure magnets will be OK.) Moolka has a good selection of affordable puzzles. Consider size if they need to fit on a bed tray. This animal hospital set has a few (perhaps familiar) medical instruments which the young child can use to treat toy animals. Tiny lightweight doll houses could work well on a bed tray, and also double as a craft project. Include some stickers and supplies for decoration. If these houses aren't affordable for you, what about making your own? Older kids might like brain-teasers. Check my Little Gifts category for lots more ideas.
It might be fun to have a theme, such as the favorite animal, but it's not necessary.

If you are unable to create your own basket, you can order a custom-made gift basket. At this site 
you can order an eco-friendly children's gift basket. I recommend this site, where the baskets include healthy food and you can order based on circumstances of recipient. This includes special diet, vegan.
 For vegan or non-dairy, there is also this.                             Image by George Hodan is from publicdomainpictures.net 

Green Party Goods

Eco- friendly party supplies!
The website also has a selection of green toys and games.

Image from Green Party Goods

Blue Orange

Popular toy company that sells non-toxic games and simple wooden puzzles. When wood is used they plant two trees for each tree taken down.

photo from Blue Orange site

Super Green Boards

Skateboards made from bamboo and other green materials. Order a specific design or have one custom-made.
Prearrange the order, let the skateboarder choose or design the board?

photo from Super Green Boards

Green and More. com

Backpacks with solar panels or made of green neoprene
Site also has green gadgets and organic bedding for kids.

Image from Green and More.com


Homemade or purchased, this is fun and art in the wind.

Here are some places to go buy a kite. I couldn't find a store that sells only kites made with eco-friendly materials. Any suggestions??

photo from Into The Wind Kites

Eco Kite Kit



This is a scientific sort of kite kit:

Make your own to give, or what about a kite- making kit that you've put together:

Instructions / patterns:


http://www.howtomakeandflykites.com/ - nice selection of kites to make

- nice selection of kites also



EcoBaby Gear

 Lots of great options for baby shower gifts. All sorts of baby and toddler supplies, including furniture, diapers, balance bikes, breastfeeding supplies.

                                                                                                                               Image from EcoBaby Gear

Nubius Organics

Healthy, eco-friendly baby products, toys, lunch gear, bags and bottles
A well- organized and searchable site

"Our mission is to raise awareness of environmental issues, and offer eco-friendly (and stylish!) solutions where possible."

Photo from Nubius Organics

thank you Tara http://geminigoddess.wordpress.com for the suggestion!

Ken's Wooden Toy Store

Unfinished wood trucks, trains, farm equipment at reasonable prices. Leave unfinished to enjoy the natural beauty of the wood or apply a finish that YOU feel comfortable with. No nails used.
Mid-sized toys have detail, all have pleasing design.

photo from Ken's Wooden Toy Store


Art as toys. Rocking horses? No, they've got rocking elephants borrowed from Kipling and Pasqualino Marajà. Toymakers in Tel Aviv, Isreal.

"Toys designed from books and legends, and powered by sustainable energy such as wind, heat, gravity and feelings."

Photo of artist from Roggeri Joffe Toymakers website

PB Teen

Eco-friendly bedding for teens, organic bedding for teens

Image from PB Teen

La Petite Tica

Toys for babies and young children. Good prices on organic toys. Room decor.

Image from La Petite Tica


Wildcraft is an adventure boardgame for ages 4+ that stresses cooperation while it teaches about edible and medicinal plants.

Image from Learning Herbs 

Glee Gum

Stocking stuffer / gift basket possibility for children on restricted diet:
"Glee Gum is made with all natural ingredients .... Our gum base has super chewy natural chicle harvested from Sapodilla trees in the rain forests of Central America."
They also have Verve's candy making kits

* of course, if you're not the parent or guardian of the child on a restricted diet you'd better check first before giving any sort of food gift. 

Image from Glee Gum

Think Geek

OK, this is a bit of a stretch to include this site in a list of green sites. But it is such a cool site, I just have to share it with you. This is especially great for kids that are technologically oriented.
Take some time to look around the site, you'll find some fun items that may be that "something new" you're looking for.

They do have a few things that actually are somewhat green - the Sneaky Books, for instance, include recycling and conservation techniques.

"The Kill-A-Watt allows you to connect your appliances and assess how efficient they are."(Find that in Essential Gear).

They have solar powered items. (Type 'solar' into their search field.)

Also, a t-shirt that says, "Think Globally. Act within local variable scope."

This is a great place to look for imagination-promoting toys, science stuff and cool puzzles, too.

Image from Think Geek

Pedalite North America

Great gifts for cyclists:
Bright flashing battery-free lights for pedals, toe-clips, backpacks, ankles.

Image from Pedalite North America

Crafting Change

If you're shopping for an eco-conscious, socially aware teenager, or if you're trying to create one, you might want to pick out a gift made by these cooperatives. I originally had a link to a Crafting Change Cooperative in Rio where the low income artisans turn trash into attractive jewelery, handbags, and belts. At this time I can't locate a URL for them, but here are some other organizations doing similar things:

Image from Indego Africa





Natural Candy Store

"All the fun without the funny stuff."

Stocking stuffer / gift basket possibility for children on restricted diet:
Includes organic, gluten-free, allergy- free, Feingold, Corn Syrup-free, Kosher sections.

* of course, if you're not the parent or guardian of the child on a restricted diet you'd better check first before giving any sort of food gift.

Image from Natural Candy Store

Kookie Karma

story here:

Stocking stuffer / gift basket possibility for children on restricted diet:

"Offers granolas, cookies, and crackers free of gluten, corn, soy, dairy, sulfites, sugar, wheat, eggs, and casein."

* of course, if you're not the parent or guardian of the child on a restricted diet you'd better check first before giving any sort of food gift.

Child Trek

Natural toys. There is a list of toys available for under $30.
There's a nice selection of male and female multicultural dolls. Anatomically correct. In the same section: Spanish and Hebrew alphabet blocks.

Image from Child Trek


Consider green stocks/mutual funds as a gift. This link should take you to the archive for the 'investing' category on environmentastic.com.

Here are some other sites that you might find helpful.


http://www.sharebuilder.com/ type "gift children" into search on site





Chelsea Green

Green books for kids. On the site you can click on the title for a detailed description of each book (great for gift-givers!) There are author bios also.

"For more than 20 years, Chelsea Green has been the publishing leader for books on the politics and practice of sustainable living."

Image from Linda Booth Sweeney's site of her book Connected Wisdom, available through Chelsea Green

Low Carb You

Stocking stuffer / gift basket possibility for children on restricted diet:

Wheat free and low carb treats.

* of course, if you're not the parent or guardian of the child on a restricted diet you'd better check first before giving any sort of food gift.

Image from Low Carb You


  This store offers a selection of suggested graduation gifts and there are categories for  recycled materials  or handmade.
They also have a jewelery section and watch section with a handmade category.

                                                                              Image from uncommongoods

Raspberry Kids

This is a Canadian site. There is a great selection of toys.

Image from Raspberry Kids

One World Projects

"..fair trade, socially & environmentally conscious..." ..."handmade by more than 80 artisan groups in over 20 countries throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia."

piggy banks, 'Make Your Own" Kits (I am impressed by these!), pottery and gourd instruments, toys

Image from One World Projects

Dharma Trading Co

If you or your recipient are a fabric artist of any sort you must know about this website! Great prices on all sorts of blank white cotton clothing and "dyeables", and just about any type of dye, paint or tool that one might require.
Consider fabric marking pens and a nice white lunchbag, hat, or apron to decorate. This would make a nice gift for just about any kid.
"Dharma Trading Co. was started in 1969 on the principal that it's possible to be involved in business while maintaining good ethical values. "

Image from Dharma Trading Co

Peter Dziulak "Blocksmith"

These wooden building blocks are works of art. They're made for building dream castles.

                                                                                                                         Image from Peter Dziulak "Blocksmith"

Discover This

As a homeschooling mother, I couldn't help but include this site. A great place to find educational science kits and toys. Searchable by price range.

Image from Discover This

Child's Own Studio

Be sure to look at this site. "Child’s Own Studio is a special place where you can transform your child’s drawing into a custom plush doll or soft toy."
They are fabulous!!

She is so popular that she has a long waiting list. However, she shares a link to a directory of other places around the world where you can purchase soft toys made from children's drawings. 

Image from Child's Own Studio

Beautiful Sweets

Organic cookies.  Don't miss the autumn and winter ones!

Image from Beautiful Sweets

Printable Paper Dolls

Here is a great site that has all kinds of paper dolls available for you to print out. What about putting together a nice homemade paper doll making kit? You could include printed-out dolls, eco-friendly colored pencils, paint etc (see my arts & crafts category), small scissors, and materials for the child to make their own dolls and clothes. You could even get fancy and use recycled tag board (cereal packages???) and bits of fabric...

Other ideas for homemade kits as presents could be puppet-making supplies; wood working supplies (thanks, Auntie Diane- that was a great gift!); knitting / crochet; art kit; juggling kit; jewelery making kit (with nature objects included if you want to keep the cost low); baking basket; there are lots of possibilities, what are the child's interests??

Image from About,com


Little loofa scubbers in the shapes of frogs, fish, fruit... A cute addition to a stocking or gift basket.

Party favors?
This site also has lots of types of reusable bags.

Image from Ecobags

Maine Warmers

Hot/cold packs made in the shapes of irresistible animals and filled with all natural corn.
They have a natural sweet smell. Wonderful bed warmers!
(Shown is Dachsie Neck Warmer).

Image from Maine Warmers 


Bath, beauty, skin care gift sets. Type "gifts" into search box.

Image from Vitacost

Stuff Junction

All sorts of solar, wind, and water powered clocks, calculators, gadgets, chargers, and toys!
Section with prices under $20
 The Sun Jar, pictured, would make a great get-well gift.

Image from Stuff Junction


Computer parts recycled into jewelry, cuff links, key chains, notebooks, trinket boxes, clocks, etc

Image from Geekware

Cool Stuff Express

Solar powered toys
This site also has a marshmallow shooter and quite a few other fun things, although not necessarily green ...

Image from Cool Stuff Express

Eco-Friendly travel

Give a gift that will always be remembered!                                                    Image from Responsible Travel.com

Green B&Bs in USA and Canada

"Here you will find select Ecolodges and other eco-friendly hotels, tours
as well as ecotourism-related services. Best rates & DIRECT Contact-
We charge no commission to either tourism providers or tourists."


"...share your previous eco experiences and research your next ecovacations"

"Hand-picked holidays from over 270 tour operators, and 100s of unique places to stay"

Travel within the USA or Worldwide

"eco tours and eco tourism destinations in the United States"

"bike tours and multi-sport adventures found right here in the national parks, mountains, and deserts of the untamed North American backcountry!"

http://www.sierraclub.org/outings/national/ Sierra Club Outings

"decades of experience designing exotic international family travel, including active family adventures, family safaris and family cross-cultural explorations. "

"Educational travel offers unique perspectives on nature and culture."

Low Impact Sustainable Travel

Enjoy Life Foods

Stocking stuffer / gift basket possibilities for children on restricted diet:

This company supplies a list of online retailers that carry natural foods that can be consumed by kids with allergies.

* of course, if you're not the parent or guardian of the child on a restricted diet you'd better check first before giving any sort of food gift.

Image from Enjoy Life Foods

The Gluten-Free Mall

Stocking stuffer / gift basket possibility for children on restricted diet:

If you are looking for gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free, soy free, corn free, kosher treats this site will be helpful.

* of course, if you're not the parent or guardian of the child on a restricted diet you'd better check first before giving any sort of food gift.

Image from The Gluten-Free Mall


Stocking stuffer / gift basket possibility for children on restricted diet:

anic, kosher parve, gluten-free, peanut-free and tree nut-free, and has no type of corn syrup..." dairy- free, egg-free, soy-free

* of course, if you're not the parent or guardian of the child on a restricted diet you'd better check first before giving any sort of food gift.

Image from YumEarth

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

Stocking stuffer / gift basket possibility for children on restricted diet:

These chocolates are safe for those with nut allergies.

* of course, if you're not the parent or guardian of the child on a restricted diet you'd better check first before giving any sort of food gift.

Image from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates