Feel-Better Baskets

Because each child is different, and if ill there will be special needs and things to avoid, it's probably best if you can put together a gift basket yourself. (Keep in mind that some medications can make it difficult to read or focus on a task).

  The following could be included in a basket or other container (many of these would be great gifts in their own right):
 play set with lots of little figures (the eco expedition sets are nice, but not of eco materials as far as I can tell), books, approved-for-patient snacks, stuffed animal,  cute animal slippers, colorful socks, lip balm, activity book, craft supplies or arts and crafts project with companion book, or Spa Comforts  aromatherapy warmth or cooling comfort critters.  What about a little ant farm or a worm farmTravel toys can be appropriate in bed because they are a little easier to handle. Here is an especially nice magnetic toy. (If child is in hospital, make sure magnets will be OK.) Moolka has a good selection of affordable puzzles. Consider size if they need to fit on a bed tray. This animal hospital set has a few (perhaps familiar) medical instruments which the young child can use to treat toy animals. Tiny lightweight doll houses could work well on a bed tray, and also double as a craft project. Include some stickers and supplies for decoration. If these houses aren't affordable for you, what about making your own? Older kids might like brain-teasers. Check my Little Gifts category for lots more ideas.
It might be fun to have a theme, such as the favorite animal, but it's not necessary.

If you are unable to create your own basket, you can order a custom-made gift basket. At this site 
you can order an eco-friendly children's gift basket. I recommend this site, where the baskets include healthy food and you can order based on circumstances of recipient. This includes special diet, vegan.
 For vegan or non-dairy, there is also this.                             Image by George Hodan is from publicdomainpictures.net