Think Geek

OK, this is a bit of a stretch to include this site in a list of green sites. But it is such a cool site, I just have to share it with you. This is especially great for kids that are technologically oriented.
Take some time to look around the site, you'll find some fun items that may be that "something new" you're looking for.

They do have a few things that actually are somewhat green - the Sneaky Books, for instance, include recycling and conservation techniques.

"The Kill-A-Watt allows you to connect your appliances and assess how efficient they are."(Find that in Essential Gear).

They have solar powered items. (Type 'solar' into their search field.)

Also, a t-shirt that says, "Think Globally. Act within local variable scope."

This is a great place to look for imagination-promoting toys, science stuff and cool puzzles, too.

Image from Think Geek