Printable Paper Dolls

Here is a great site that has all kinds of paper dolls available for you to print out. What about putting together a nice homemade paper doll making kit? You could include printed-out dolls, eco-friendly colored pencils, paint etc (see my arts & crafts category), small scissors, and materials for the child to make their own dolls and clothes. You could even get fancy and use recycled tag board (cereal packages???) and bits of fabric...

Other ideas for homemade kits as presents could be puppet-making supplies; wood working supplies (thanks, Auntie Diane- that was a great gift!); knitting / crochet; art kit; juggling kit; jewelery making kit (with nature objects included if you want to keep the cost low); baking basket; there are lots of possibilities, what are the child's interests??

Image from About,com