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Thinking of making or purchasing a sandbox? Some people are worried about crystalline silica in play sand because inhaled silica dust is known to cause silicosis.

Before you purchase sand alternatives, you may want to take a look at these websites if you haven't researched the subject already:

Sand IS silica, don't worry

About sand

Err on the side of safety

Play sand not safe (and where to buy Safe Sand)

Just water it down

Don't use sand meant for construction (eg: making concrete) because it will be too rough and will be dusty.

If, after researching this, you'd still like a source for ground walnut shells ( a highly recommended alternative!) try this link: Walnut Shells
or type "walnut shell bedding" into That Pet Place's search box.

ALSO : This pet store has good prices and a "gift" category with nice suggestions.

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